UEFA is Incorrect Regarding Football Suits on Armenia, Azerbaijan

UEFA decides to cancel Armenia vs. Azerbaijan matches and provide both sides absolutely no factors. While Armenia intended to play according to UEFA rules and also prepared to host a suit in Armenia and travel to Baku for the exchange game, Azerbaijan refused to host Armenia and travel to Yerevan, thus violating the well-known UEFA guidelines. Normally in this kind of a scenario UEFA punishes the side that breaks the well-known rules. In this situation Armenia as well as Azerbaijan is penalized in an equivalent means. If UEFA was most likely to claim in situation Armenia and also Azerbaijan autumn in the same team we will certainly terminate the suits unless they accepted play in a neutral game, it should had done this prior to the groups were selected so everybody would know the regulations.

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Now, both UEFA and also Azerbaijan modification rules in the middle of the game this throws a big color on the impartiality and authority or UEFA. The UEFA Executive Committee, chaired by UEFA Head of state Michel Plating, finished its meeting today midday, at the Abe Olestra arena in Heerenveen, in advance of tonight’s UEFA European Under-21 Championship Final. Additionally evaluated was the scenario relating to the place of the suits to be played in between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the UEFA EURO 2008 TM qualifying competition. As no ideal compromise might be located in between both organizations it was decided to cancel the two matches, particularly Azerbaijan-Armenia arranged for 8 September as well as Armenia-Azerbaijan routine for 12 September, and also to honor both associations no factors for the matches.

Yes UEFA deserves to terminate suits, yet only of 2 events give authorization. Armenia has repeatedly claimed that it will certainly not agree to termination. Now the games are canceled with both parties awarded zero factors as you see in the quotation as no suitable compromise can be discovered between the two associations If one of the nationwide teams of UEFA desires to violate the rules of UEFA games the solution is to locate an ideal concession or to penalize the violator. We relax my case. This is not simply as well as not fair. Soccer, sports and politics must not blend. In fact Armenia assumed that traveling to Baku and holding the National Football Team of Azerbaijan might be a goodwill gesture towards making a payment to a soi keo c1 procedure negotiated by the OSCE. UEFA ought to have taken this right into consideration and also award this strategy. Armenia is punished with an absolutely no factors for not agreeing to play in a neutral field. Yerevan wished to play according to the rules of the UEFA game.