Erotic massage in Prague – which ones can you enjoy there? We’ve selected the top 4 to make your choice easier!

There are countless types of erotic massage in Prague to indulge in if you feel this might be just the right thing for you. In case you didn’t know, there are many parlours specialising in the so-called “happy ending” massages, where you can treat yourself to a proper massage, with some light erotic stimulation added on top of it. These places stop short of direct sex, but can nevertheless grant you a unique experience that may even surpass regular sex in terms of pleasure. If you’re eager to learn more, then we’ve prepared a list of the most commonly offered and desired erotic massages in Prague, which are:

  •   Classic
  •   Tantra
  •   Nuru
  •   Lomi Lomi

Erotic massage in Prague? You can never go wrong with classic!

What’s a classic, you ask? Well, if you’re familiar with the standard, Swedish type of physiotherapy, then you’re not really far off the mark. What is called “classic” in an erotic massage context is in fact the traditional, western-style relaxing massage, with some added benefits on top of that – you can guess what those benefits are. So, if you’re new to the world of sensual rubdowns, then this might be your perfect “gateway” into it – still in the comfort zone of the known, while making inroads into the territory of erotic pleasure.

Tantra is meant for those spiritually-minded, who don’t shirk from corporeal delight

There’s probably no massage as well-rounded as tantra. The type of tantra you’re likely to experience at the Prague parlours may be a bit different from its traditional version as it is practiced in India, but that does not speak in its disfavour. On the contrary. The contemporary tantra adds elements of modern western physiotherapy and psychological and sexual therapy to its ancient roots, and is no worse for it! If you’re looking for an experience that is both highly sensual, but also gentle, meditative, caring and fostering the bond between the “giver” and the “taker”, then tantra should definitely be your number one option.

If you want to simulate the sexual experience as closely as possible, then nuru is the way to go!

Perhaps the most raunchy of all the erotic massages, nuru enjoys almost a cult-like status these days. It is the blueprint for all of the so-called body to body massages. If you go for nuru, get ready for a close contact between yours and the masseuse’s naked bodies, as she’ll be grinding, rubbing and sliding over you in a sexy and exciting manner, in what some would call “sex without sex” and others would put it even above classical sex in terms of sheer pleasure. The whole thing is made easier with the use of special nuru seaweed gel that makes the mutual contact go smooth as silk.

Lomi lomi – a taste of Hawaii

This particular rubdown used to be the domain Hawaiian natives, who enjoyed the “gentle hands” procedure provided by the local beauties. The traditional Lomi Lomi, however, was not meant to be erotic in nature, but rather a purely relaxing experience. It consists of the skilled strokes of hands, wrists and forearms and elbows that work to unknot the tired muscles. You can get a gist of how traditional Lomi lomi works from this video. It’s a great massage, and once a bit of eroticism is added to it, then it becomes even better.

By now, you should have a clearer overview of what each of the most popular erotic massages in Prague entail.

Which of the massages we’ve mentioned piqued your interest the most? And why? Do you know any other like these ones? Explain them to us and others in the comment section!